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          Membership Benefits

          If you are a Food Processing Company Or a Business Development Firm/Consultant based in or around Pune, then we welcome you to register on our website and Submit your Company Information.

          Membership Benefits

          • Get Listed on our website - List your business/company profile on our website.
          • Make use of INTERNET - Use Internet for your benefit. Internet is most active medium today to generate customers / inquiries.
          • Reach out to the world - Don't be limited to serve to local customers. Reach out to the world where people based outside Pune/India can contact you for their requirements as well. Become an international player.
          • Get Free Business Website - All members will receive a free business website with subscription. View Templates
          • Spread the word - Write more about you and your business and spread the word about your capabilities.
          • Articles/Magazine - Write Articles on Food Processing&related topics and become popular.
          • Share your Knowledge - Help people on the forums with their questions and requirements and share your knowledge. This will ensure that you will gain trust among people and it will help you in getting real business&referrals for free (coming soon)
          • Interact/Socialize - Interact with other companies/consultants on our website and share referrals and business tips.
          • More to come - watch this space.

          You can do all of of this just by signing up. Check out our membership plans for more details:

          Membership Plans

          Services Offered Gold Platinum
          Cost 1000 INR 10,000 INR
          Banner on Homepage
          Flash Banner on Homepage
          Search Result Priority
          Product Listing Priority
          Pop up Advertisement
          Video Product Exhibition
          Feedback and Rating
          VIP Tag of Priority Seller
          Trade Leads
          Recent updates through E-magazine
          Tech Support
          Note: Free members will be able to view only public listings, company profile and perform search

          You can view or download our brochure here