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          Shri Ram Greenhouse

          Welcome to Shri Ram Greenhouse

          we are producing banana tissue culture plants,papaya plants and chilli plant we are selling this plants to farmer.and we are also providing technical field visit to customer regarding problem related to banana ,papaya etc.

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          Shri Ram Greenhouse

          1) Rupessh.G.Patil
          At Post :Mod,Tel:Taloda
          Dist: Nandurbar
          State: Maharashtra.
          Mob: 8975034234,9404970515
          E-mail: shriramgreenhouse@rediffmail.com

          2) Mr. Govind R. Patil
          C/o Shri ram Krushi seva Kendra
          Taloda,Tel: Taloda,Dist: Nandurbar
          State: Maharashtra
          Mob: 9423289983

          Phone : 9404970515
          Email : Email contact form