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          Shingote Agro Foods Pvt Ltd

          Welcome to Shingote Agro Foods Pvt Ltd

          Our roots extend back to 1949 when our founder Mr. K B Shingote first dreamt of putting his footprints on the global map by exporting Indian fresh fruits. Thus began a saga spanning over 5 decades of development, high growth and crucial expertise founded on honesty, sincerity and dedication. Over the years export operations have expanded remarkably growing from purely trading into manufacturing, branded goods and recently also into services.

          Revolution in telecommunications and logistics during the last 10 years has changed the business environment rapidly throwing up constant challenges and pushing enterprise to new limits. We continue to thrive in this new climate, blending our core-values with modern technique and professionalism towards establishing undoubted preeminence in our chosen field. We actively refocus on our competencies in processed and agri-foods, and, while using a responsibility-oriented managerial system, march steadily towards attaining leadership position.

          In the global business context today Quality is obsessive but Costs, Core-strength, Competition, Communication and Co-Operation plays an equal role. In effect, your business partner needs to be consistent and above all dependable.

          We understand our responsibility as an ideal business partner lies in helping to reduce Costs, boosting Core-strengths, helping to conquer Competition, sharing and enhancing knowledge through Communication and finally Co-Operating in a joint effort to succeed. We therefore take special care to study the needs of our business partners and recommend appropriate models that strongly maximize value-for-money.

          It is our privilege to invite you to join hands as business partner and experience why depending on us is a win-win situation for you.

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          Shingote Agro Foods Pvt Ltd

          Shingote Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd.
          Times Square, 2ndFloor,
          Pune-Satara Road,
          Pune - 411037

          Phone : +91.20.66263900-99
          Email : Email contact form